Reiki Energy Healing

Energy healing with Aysha 


Aysha has been energy healing intuitively since age 14 and became an Usui Reiki master / teacher in 2017.

In the past few years she has assisted hundreds of clients to move through their energetic blocks and find more joy and alignment in their lives.

Communicating directly with the subtle field, Aysha assists with releasing blocks held simultaneously within the subtle body, the physical body and the psyche.

The release of these blocks result in an increased flow of life force- or chi, which helps to balance the chakras, bringing a lasting sense of greater wellness.

Energy healing can greatly benefit physical, emotional and mental ailments.

Aysha is based in The Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, and offers in person and distance energy healing and Reiki sessions at $120 nzd.

Aysha also offers one on one teaching for people who want to learn how work with energy in order to heal self and others.

To enquire or book please contact:


+64 21 256 3508


 Reiki Master New Zealand



"I had three Reiki sessions with Aysha and she changed my life. I had suffered chronic UTI's for a year and after the Reiki healings we did together I have not had one. I had massive physical and emotional reactions as she worked with, cleansed and moved my energy. Her intuition is stronger than any healer I have been to before and the way she worked with my energy was so pure and divine."

~Maria S, NZ

"The Reiki session I had with Aysha came at a perfect and pivotal time in my life, and what I took away from it was a sense of clarity and renewed confidence in myself. She channelled the energy I had been struggling to put into formal thoughts or words my entire life..." 

~Jess L, NZ

"I have had two sessions with Aysha now. What can I say? I left feeling so much lighter and clear headed, and over the next 24 hours I definitely felt a shift in my energy. I have had friends approach me recently and say what a change I have in my body language and attitude. Seriously recommended."

~Naomi W, NZ

"I feel so much more balanced in my masculine/ feminine energy. Feeling the energy flow like a gentle dance through my body felt very restorative, can't thank you enough."

~Julie E, NZ



Self healing and wellness coaching 

(NB: Coaching sessions are non- demonstrative and purely conversation based. No nudity involved.)

Aysha Adeya offers 1:1 coaching for women who want more focused support in order to heal, resensitize their bodies and lives and reconnect to a deep sense of pleasure, joy, presence and purpose.

Using a combination of breath work and body work practices, meditation, and energy work Aysha can help you to resensitise the body, yoni and womb as well as move through trauma and conditioning, to find a deeper sense of joy and alignment.



How to get the most from your crystal yoni products

Aysha is available to 1:1 zoom call chats to guide you how to use the yoni egg, Tantric yoni massage and cervical de-armouring practices with a crystal wand.

Using intentional and present pleasure based practices, as well as a combination of breath work, self massage and somatic body work, while incorporating her knowledge of energy healing, Aysha offers coaching to learn how to easily and quickly rid the body of deeply held stress and tension, in order to deepen the body's capacity for pleasure.

No matter your age, no matter your stage of health, great shifts are accessible using the right tools 


Or call +64 21 256 3508 to enquire