Rose Quartz Yoni Egg and Shadow
Rose Quartz Jade Yoni Egg
Rose Quartz Yoni Egg
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Yoni Eggs and Woman
Yoni Wands and Yoni Eggs beside Woman on Beach
Rose Quartz Jade Yoni Egg


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Yoni Egg- Rose Quartz 

A yoni egg for surrendering into the heart space 

This yoni egg connects the wearer to the energy of their heart. Soft, warm, and soothing, rose quartz seems to dissolve tensions and worries with ease. It is the quintessential stone of love and is linked with the planet Venus. When worn as a yoni egg, rose quartz emits a soft feminine energy which softens the heart centre, and encourages one to being open, and to give and receive love.  

What does it mean to surrender? We are only ever in a state of contracting away from, or expanding towards love. It is tension vs flow; felt, and held in the breath and the body.

To surrender is to be in flow- expanding towards love. The openness of the exhalation, Surrendering to the moment and to what is, where energy can move freely, and where you can expand towards love. This is the influence of the rose quartz yoni egg. It promotes that soft and open flow in the psyche and the body.

The rose quartz yoni egg:

  • Encourages unconditional love towards the self and others
  • Brings a feeling of softness and a warm, gentle energy
  • Resonates with the heart chakra and symbolises the feminine principle
  • Helps to kindle romantic feelings and sensuality
  • Helps to release old emotions and thoughts which no longer serve you


Product description:

Mohs hardness 7

Rose quartz presents as translucent pastel pink through to a more milky white ish pink

Carries similar inclusions that are present in clear quartz


Yoni egg sizes:

S: 20 x 30mm

M: 30 x 45mm

L: 35 x 48mm 


Which size is right for me?

We recommend large for women who have given birth vaginally, or have a weak pelvic floor, medium for most women starting out, and small for experienced yoni egg users.

If you have a need for tightening, yoni eggs provide the all important element of resistance for your Kegel exercises, or yoni egg yoga.

If you fall on the other end of the scale and want to release tension and tightness, or if you simply want to enjoy the pleasure that yoni eggs bring- medium is a good starting point.

Graduating to a small size after some time using a medium, is recommended in order to fine tune your connection to internal pleasure and your subtle, sexual energy.

If you are interested in a set of three yoni eggs of the below sizes please enquire as to availability in the stone of your choice.


Choose from:


For women just starting out we suggest a drilled egg, you can string it with non-waxed, non-minted floss or natural non dyed string for easy retrieval.


How to use the yoni egg:

To insert the yoni egg, find a comfortable reclining or laying down position and gently hold the yoni egg to the mouth of your yoni.

Aim to completely relax your body and take a few deep breaths. You must wait for the yoni to gently open and subtly draw the egg inside, in which case you can gently insert it. 

Once inside the vagina, the yoni egg simply sits in the vaginal canal and massages the internal walls of the vagina, the G spot and the cervix.

Engage and deepen the breath as you do gentle Kegels to isolate the internal muscles, squeezing and releasing as you breathe.

Over time your sensitivity and pleasure increases and you will be able to feel the egg in place more, after activating the internal tissue and creating greater energy circulation and blood flow in the pelvic region. 


How to remove the yoni egg: 

The yoni egg cannot get lost inside your body as there is nowhere for it to go. To remove; relax, take a few deep breaths, squat, very gently bear down and pop a finger in to the side of it to release.


Rose quartz Yoni egg meditation uses:

Rose quartz is a good yoni egg stone to work with after you have cleared built up stress, tension and sexual trauma. The energy it emits is so very soft that if you are blocked up with tension you will not be able to drop in to a state of receptivity to its frequency. 

To open up the heart space when using your rose quartz yoni egg, draw on the magic of aromatherapy by burning some dried rose petals or heart opening oils such as rose, ylang ylang or sandalwood. Or you can lull the sense with this heart opening pocket oil from NZ creators of yogic and Ayurvedic goods - YogaTribe.

Lay on your yoga mat and with one hand on your heart and one hand on your womb breathe deeply in and out, slowly and allowing the belly to rise and to fall. Focus more on the out breath, and with every exhalation release any tension you are carrying in your physical body. With every breath allow the tension in your muscles to dissolve. Each time you breath out imagine your chest, your heart and your yoni melting, softening and falling open to receive fresh, warm energy. 

Pair your heart opening meditation with this heart chakra healing sound bath at 341 hertz by YouTube creators of meditation sounds, Meditative Mind. Hertz frequency 341 resonates with the frequency of the heart space.


Care instructions:

Wash with warm water and a gentle soap. Cleanse in the moonlight or sunlight. Almost all crystals will carry visible inclusions, although these should not be felt on the surface of the crystal. We take utmost care to ensure all our crystals are free from surface cracks. With proper care and attention your crystal dildos and yoni eggs should last a lifetime.

*All pieces are natural and from the earth, so please expect differences in colour and some imperfections 

**If you do not see your preferred crystal dildo or yoni egg here, you can enquire as to the availability of your chosen stone and style.


All prices are in New Zealand dollars 


Rose Quartz Jade Yoni Egg
Rose Quartz Yoni Egg
Jade Yoni Eggs in Hands
Rose Quartz Yoni Egg close up
Yoni Eggs and Woman
Yoni Wands and Yoni Eggs beside Woman on Beach