Carnelian Jade Egg
Carnelian Yoni Egg
Carnelian Yoni Egg and Woman
Carnelian Yoni Egg Jade Egg and Woman
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Carnelian Yoni Egg


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Yoni egg- Carnelian 

A yoni egg for your sweet and juicy sacral chakra  

The Carnelian yoni egg, with its earthy orange hues resonates strongly with the sacral and the solar plexus chakras, the energetic centres of pleasure, and of personal physical presence and power.

These locations of your consciousness; where the needs of the grounded physical body evolve away from survival, and ascend towards pleasure and enjoyment of life - are the seats of joy, vitality, strength and your own personal power. 

To Ancient Egyptians, Carnelian was understood to help one connect to the strength of the body, the blood, and the carnal senses. 

Some ancient cultures revered carnelian as resonating with our sacred flesh and blood- which is where it gets its name from; Carne- meaning flesh in Latin. 

Like Red Jasper, Carnelian does indeed help to ground into the body and physical senses but it does so with a juicy sweetness- as opposed to the more grounded and strong fiery essence of Red Jasper. 

There is a slow, joyful softness of the flesh experienced when one works with this delicious stone.

The carnelian yoni egg:

  • Imparts the energy of the sun to its wearer  
  • Encourages joy, vitality, warmth and heat 
  • Resonates with the lower chakras and boosts fertility 
  • Stimulates tissues and organs of the physical body 
  • Detoxes the body and boosts sexual drive 
  • Boosts creativity 
  • Enhances feminine embodiment practices
  • Worn by Ancient Egyptians in battle to deliver strength and courage  

Product description:

Mohs hardness 7

Carnelian presents with deep oranges, reds and browns, with a translucent hue

Carries some inclusions of pale cream, white, yellow or grey 

Yoni egg sizes:

S: 20 x 30mm

M: 30 x 45mm

L: 35 x 48mm 


Choose from:


For women just starting out we suggest a drilled egg, you can string it with non-waxed, non-minted floss or natural non dyed string for easy retrieval.

Carnelian yoni egg uses | Yoni breathing:

The sacral chakra, the Hara, or the dan tian as it is other wise known, is the energetic equivalent to the womb centre. 

Womb energy embodies both deep, intuitive feeling, and also is the gateway of creative expression and primal life force; in Eastern philosophy- feminine Shakti energy. 

The womb centre is both a personal power, and centre of intuition and feeling.  

Clearing and connecting to the womb energy heightens a person's intuition, personal power, protection and magnetism. 

Wear your carnelian yoni egg, roll out your yoga mat, lay on your back, place your hands on the womb centre and begin to imagine, that you are breathing in and out of the yoni and the womb. 

Use your faculties of creative visualisation and align with the breath. 

This is a clearing, clarifying and energising practice for the womb that works particularly well with visceral and juicy carnelian. 

Care instructions:

Wash with warm water and a gentle soap. Cleanse in the moonlight or sunlight. Almost all crystals will carry visible inclusions, although these should not be felt on the surface of the crystal. We take utmost care to ensure all our crystals are free from surface cracks. With proper care and attention your crystal dildos and yoni eggs should last a lifetime.

*All pieces are natural and from the earth, so please expect differences in colour and some imperfections 

**If you do not see your preferred crystal dildo or yoni egg here, you can enquire as to the availability of your chosen stone and style.

All prices are in New Zealand dollars 

Carnelian Yoni Egg
Carnelian Yoni Egg and Woman
Carnelian Yoni Egg Jade Egg and Woman
The Art Erotic Crystal Sex Toy Box
Crystal Sex Toy Box The Art Erotic