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Woman in Green Knickers Sitting Holding Three Yoni Eggs in Hands
Amethyst Yoni Egg on Wooden Background
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Woman in Green Knickers Sitting Holding Three Yoni Eggs in Hands


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Yoni Egg- 100% pure amethyst

A yoni egg to support your pelvic health, strengthen your meditation practice and provide nervous system support 

Made from 100% pure Amethyst, a stone that greatly assists meditation; the amethyst yoni egg helps you to access more expansive states of awareness due to its resonance with the crown chakra and the divine, celestial realms of self.

The Amethyst yoni egg encourages a sense of personal sovereignty, and connection to the higher self.

It is beneficial for the nervous system and has a calming, soothing effect.

When amethyst is worn as a yoni egg it brings a sense of meditative tranquil.

Amethyst is also a protective and grounding stone for sensitive types, and the water signs- Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

To get the most benefit with this crystal, use in the evening or another time that you are less likely to be disturbed, and are able to drop into a deeper state of relaxation.

Amethyst Yoni Egg:

  • Resonates and aligns with the crown chakra 
  • Associated with spiritual and energetic protection
  • Stone of meditation and connection to the divine
  • Brings peace, tranquility and comfort
  • Helps one connect to higher states of consciousness
  • Great for helping one to overcome addictions and excessiveness
  • Good for the nervous system
  • Combats insomnia, anxiety and an overactive mind
  • Highly protective and grounding for empaths and sensitives

Product description:

7 Mohs hardness scale

Amethyst is mostly a translucent stone

Ranges in lavender purples and lilacs with flashes of rainbow, white and grey

Yoni egg sizes:

S: 20 x 30mm

M: 30 x 45mm

L: 35 x 48mm 

Which size should I get?

We recommend large for women who have given birth vaginally, have a weak pelvic floor, or who have the personal feeling that they would like to tone and tighten their Yoni. Medium is recommended for most women starting out, and who have not given vaginal childbirth. A small yoni egg is recommended for women who have been using the yoni egg for some time. To graduate to a small size is a wonderful initiation into more subtle and deep layers of pleasure and energy within one's body. 

Yoni eggs can be used as a tightening tool, to provide resistance for your Kegel practice, or they are also as beneficial for women wanting to release tension from the yoni and the pelvic region, and used with gentler, meditative practice and breath work. 

Choose from:

Drilled/ undrilled

For women just starting out we suggest a drilled egg, you can string it with non-waxed, non-minted floss or natural non dyed string for easy retrieval.

How to use the yoni egg:

To insert the yoni egg, find a comfortable reclining or laying down position and gently hold the yoni egg to the mouth of your yoni.

Aim to completely relax your body and take a few deep breaths. You must wait for the yoni to gently open and draw the egg inside, in which case you can gently insert it. 

Once inside the vagina, the yoni egg simply sits in the vaginal canal and massages the internal walls of the vagina, the G spot and the cervix.

Engage and deepen the breath as you do gentle Kegels to isolate the internal muscles, squeezing and releasing. 

Over time your sensitivity and pleasure increases and you will be able to feel the egg in place more, after activating the internal tissue and creating greater energy circulation and blood flow in the pelvic region. 

How to remove an undrilled yoni egg: 

The yoni egg cannot get lost inside your body as there is nowhere for it to go. To remove; relax, take a few deep breaths, squat, very gently bear down and pop a finger in to the side of it to release.

Evening Amethyst yoni egg meditation:

This meditation will work on deeply relaxing your body, soothing your nervous system, and helping you to drop into the theta state; highly relaxed and expanding into yourself.

Close to evening or after the sun sets wear your Amethyst yoni egg for your meditation practice. Light a few candles and burn some lavender oil, or dried lavender flowers in a dish. Lavender, much like amethyst has a soothing and calming effect on the nervous system.

Lay flat on your back and begin to massage your womb space, being very aware of what your feel with your hands, what you feel within your womb and what emotions you feel arise. Focus at your third eye with your eyes closed in order to activate your pineal gland, or the seat of your subconscious. Practice deep breathing for a few minutes being sure that your exhale is always a few seconds longer than your inhale- this soothes the nervous system and helps your body to drop into a more relaxed state. Ask and intend very clearly for your higher self to guide you into expansive self awareness and healing.

Begin to gently tense and release your pelvic floor, in time with your breath work. Continue for at least ten minutes. Feel what you feel, and breathe deeply. When you make this a practice a few times weekly, you begin to expand into a higher awareness, and you see clear shifts occur in your life.

Pair your evening amethyst yoni egg meditation with this soundtrack from Meditative Mind, Youtube creators of inspiring and uplifting Hertz frequency sounds -

This yoni egg comes with:

  • An energetic sage clearing and an infusion of Reiki love energy
  • All items shipped from New Zealand 
  • Domestic packages are couriered with New Zealand post 
  • International shipping with DHL
  • Discreet packaging

Care instructions:

Wash with warm water and a gentle soap. Cleanse in the moonlight or sunlight. Almost all crystals will carry visible inclusions, although these should not be felt on the surface of the crystal. We take utmost care to ensure all our crystals are free from surface cracks. With proper care and attention your crystal dildos and yoni eggs should last a lifetime.

*All pieces are natural and from the earth, so please expect differences in colour and some imperfections 

**If you do not see your preferred crystal yoni wand or yoni egg here, you can enquire as to the availability of your chosen stone and style.

All prices are in New Zealand dollars

Woman in Green Knickers Sitting Holding Three Yoni Eggs in Hands
Amethyst Yoni Egg on Wooden Background
Yoni Eggs and Torso