Yoni eggs vs Yoni Wands- A comparison

Yoni Eggs vs Yoni Wands 

If you have ever found yourself looking at purchasing a yoni wand, or a crystal sex toy,

And then looked at the yoni egg practice- this crystal egg worn inside a woman’s sacred space,

If you’re confused about the differences between the two, and where to begin…

I am here to enlighten you.

We are going to break this down and provide some clarity right now.

Both the yoni egg and crystal dildos are essentially “pleasure enhancing tools”

Both are designed for slow and present pleasure, being that they do not vibrate.

When you purchase a crystal sex toy, or a crystal egg to wear inside the yoni

You are essentially buying into a whole new way of connecting to your self,

And the healing and resensitizing benefits that come with slowing down and tuning into the subtle energy within you.


Yoni wands explained

The different varieties and shapes of yoni wand, can all be used for slow, breath work infused pleasure and self exploration-

Which resensitises the body and allows us to experience deeper pleasure and internal orgasms-

However-every one of the varieties of yoni wand is also a straight up sex toy.

They simply are designed also with therapeutic potential also in mind,

But you really don’t have to ritualise or overthink it if you do not feel called to,

Or if indeed you’re one of these lucky women who does not struggle with internal sensitivity

When we look at the shape and the reach of each wand, we notice that some are designed to awaken the G spot sensitivity,

And others are designed with cervical connection in mind.

The ones with the precise curve are specifically designed for G spot activation, through direct massage of the g spot, and the fascia of the internal walls

The ones with the curve and the ball at the end - are designed for practices like cervical de-armouring, to awaken the pleasure of the cerxix.

Both of these practices, that I would call yoni massage/ yoni mapping and cervical dearmouring - have amazing health and wellness benefits for women.

The classic straight yoni wand is also good for cervical de-armouring, although it is not as ergonomically suited to reach the G spot.

When we do a practices like yoni massage or cervical dearmouring with a yoni wand 

It is very normal for the body to immediately resensitize throughout the process, as we relax deeper , and deeper- 

Using the slow self touch and breath work.

I always find that I want to self pleasure after these practices due to the heightened sensation I am experiencing.


So yes- all of the yoni wands available at The Art Erotic are a therapeutic tool for internal resensitising massage, as well as being a pleasure wand for masturbation or partner play.


Yoni eggs explained

The crystal egg works in much the same way as the crystal dildos do, when we use the wands for therapeutic yoni massage/ yoni mapping or cervical dearmouring

In that they have the same resensitising benefits.

Except they are much more subtle and gradual in how we use them, and in how we receive the benefits from them.

The yoni egg; when worn during your day, gradually works away massaging the internal fascia, and releasing tension from inside your yoni as you continue living your life

Depending on the amount of tension you carry in your yoni and womb, the time frame of when we notice the benefits will differ from woman to woman.

The more tension to release, the longer it will take to resensitise the yoni and awaken the consciousness of the womb space- but it WILL happen you just need to make it a practice, and keep using it regularly.

The best way of using a yoni egg however is by wearing it and laying down in bed or on the yoga mat and gently contracting your pelvic floor muscles

It can be hard to feel the egg internally to begin with- especially if you are a woman who carries a lot of internal tension, through perhaps sexual trauma or being conditioned with sexual shame

But once some of this has been released- the practice of contracting the pelvic floor muscles while wearing it can become highly pleasurable

To “feel” the egg inside you is less of an awareness of an object between your legs, and more of a pleasurable, energetic sensation.

There are different types of Kegel (contraction and release of the pelvic floor) that you can do, some focusing on the lower section of the vaginal canal,

And then we can get deeper and contract and release the sections of muscles higher up into the body and toward the cervix

Activating these different internal sections of the vaginal canal, while using the crystal egg as resistance brings heightened dexterity, control and subtle sensitivity of the internal yoni -

Women who need help to tighten and tone a weak pelvic floor, to prevent things like incontinence and potential prolapse can greatly benefit from the yoni egg practice

On the other hand however, many women carry too much tension within the yoni, and hence the crystal egg provides gentle release of internal stress and tension through using it in a passive way, as well as active use through Kegel exercises.





Both yoni eggs and yoni wands help to clear energetic blocks (which is the same thing as stuck emotion) from the yoni and womb.

All crystal sex toys were designed with PRESENCE in mind

They are tools for a different, more Tantric approach; a slow, present and aware way of connecting to our body and our pleasure.

They compliment this Tantric approach of heightened awareness of our own energy, which honours the sanctity of sexuality and connection to both self and other.

They are here to offer us an alternative to the high octane, goal oriented, fluero vibrating approach that we have been conditioned towards around sexuality.

Crystals themselves encourage us to connect to our own sacred energetic state rather than distract from it,

And when used as sex toys mindfully, they help us to become more present, hence more embodied,

Which cultivates our connection to our essence, which naturally brings us more pleasure. 

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