Yoni egg 101

 What is a yoni egg practice?

The yoni egg; or jade egg practice originates from Ancient China- and ancient practice approximately 5000 years old.

Originally known only to the concubines and women in higher society, and today is becoming very well known and widely utilised by women all over the world.

In summary, a yoni egg is a crystal stone carved into the shape of an egg that you insert into the vaginal canal and use intentionally to connect self and heal the relationship with our own yoni, womb and sensual energy

What is the yoni egg practice said to help with?

The practice actually has wide ranging and surprising benefits; it can help tighten a weak pelvic floor as well as help to relax a...perhaps not over active pelvic floor, but a tense vagina. We've all been there. It can help to lubricate and soften.

This is a conscious as well as physical practice. You connect to your yoni, your feminine power and you cultivate your sexual energy, or Shakti in Sanskrit.

Wear while consciously connecting to the muscles within your vagina, thats a great place to start.

Some women like to wear their egg for longer periods of time, and carry on about their day.

Some like to allow the crystal's energy to affect the body while they sleep.

My favourite use of the egg though, is doing focused Kegels, isolating different parts of my internal anatomy, while reaping the benefits of the egg's resistance.

Many women who have experienced childbirth find that doing Kegels with their egg in really helps to tighten a weak pelvic floor, and can even help with some degree of vaginal prolapse.

We all know about our Kegels, yet a lot of women report Kegels really not making much difference when done without a yoni egg, the use of a jade or yoni egg inside the vagina provides the all important element of resistance, in the same way that your bodyweight exercises will become more effective once you add ankle and wrist weights. 

Another benefit of the yoni egg practice is to help to resensitise a numb vagina, which is more common than we realise. It does this by increasing blood flow to the inner walls. The yoni egg sits in the vaginal canal and the act of squeezing the egg with your muscles encourages blood flow, and enlivens the tissue around the egg. 

A closer look

We tend to hold tension in muscles; relationship pain, sadness, heartbreak or trauma tends to get stored in the vagina and shows up as pain or numbness.

In Psychoneuroimmunology, the science of body-mind connection; the body is essentially a map of the human emotions, so emotional pain regarding your relationships can be connected to your sexual organs.

In Taoist reflexology, the cervix is connected with the heart, and both heart and cervix are on the sushumna nadi; the main energy channel that runs from root to crown chakra, so they are very closely energetically linked.

This all sounds terribly complex, but it isn't.

Like anything; physical health, mental health, spiritual health- it is always a case of maintenance. We love to look after ourselves as women, we release tension from the body by getting massages, we enjoy facials, talking with loved ones and eating nutritional food; the yoni egg practice is a very effective way of bringing awareness, energy and blood- hence nutrients and oxygen to the vagina. 

How to get the most of your practice

I think that the best way of approaching a yoni egg practice is to just go ahead and make a practice out of it.

The basic Kegel using the egg is fantastic but the juiciest type of Kegel you can do is where you isolate different parts of your vulva and vaginal canal; for example practicing to squeeze either the left, right, front or back walls of the vagina.


Engage the vulva (the mouth of the vagina) and gradually squeeze further and further into the canal, ending in a squeeze of the lower abdominals the way you would do if you were doing the zip up on a pair of jeans that were too small. These very focused exercises will help you get the most of your yoni egg practice.

You will notice that these exercises, once done for a while will awaken deeper parts of your physical anatomy.

You will become enlivened, as if the entire inner landscape of your vagina was activated. This kind of stuff shows on your face, by the way. 

Personally, after a few weeks practice I was even been able to tell the difference in the feel of the vagina with a finger inserted, this is again due to the increased blood flow, which in turn translates as a greater internal sensitivity. 

Which stone should I choose?

Different crystals have different metaphysical properties and will influence your body in specific ways which I myself, and others that I have spoken to are able to feel and differentiate between. For example a carnelian egg is fantastic for strength and vitality, it enkindles that sense of mojo or get up and go, as well as being fantastic for blood flow and the organs, hence the name carnelian (carne is flesh in latin).

A black obsidian egg is said to resonate with the root chakra; it is a cleanser, a clearer and a protector which encourages the wearer to release things that do not serve them. A rose quartz egg will connect the wearer to self love and softens the energy of the heart. I own a few and I go to the one I feel I could benefit most from on any given day. 

How do I take care of my egg?

It is a really good idea to have a special place for your eggs and wands. This is sacred work where you are cleansing your psyche and connecting with your inner truth, your stored emotions, and your intuition, highly important stuff as a woman! So keeping them in a suitable and special place within your home is fitting.

Cleaning your eggs is of utmost importance. A thorough clean in warm water with a mild soap before and after every use is advisable. 

The energetic cleanse

The beauty of the energetic cleanse is where it gets (even more) special. It becomes a ritual. You can use saltwater, best from the ocean or using a solution you make at home. You can use the sunlight, or my favourite method is leaving my crystals out under the light of the full moon. The light of the full moon spans around three days, so any day within that time frame is optimum to lay your crystals out, the extraordinary shine that your crystals will display after a night under the full moon is notable!


With any method of cleansing I always vocally and intentionally give thanks to, and honour the powers of love and light, thanking them for their presence, as well as asking them to energetically cleanse and charge my crystals. 


Intention is a wonderful thing, it is the premise to manifestation. Everything starts with intention. Anytime I use a yoni egg I meditate with my stone for a few minutes beforehand, on the intention I would like to put in motion. With intention and ritual, the yoni egg practice is a perfect tool for connecting to your female sexual psyche, as well as the body.


Your yoni egg practice is sacred for one reason and one reason alone- your body is sacred. Not only does the yoni egg provide physical benefits, it also makes the cultivating of your greatest creative resource, your female sexual energy or "Shakti" in Sanskrit, extremely accessible. 









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  • I received my first Yoni Egg as a gift from my sister. No idea what it was, but something in me was curious. So I looked up some exercises on YouTube and started using it. The exercises you do with a Yoni Egg cannot be compared to kegel exercises. Those are much more focused on strengthening the muscles of the vagina. I am a little ambivalent about this. I wrote a blog about the importance of the muscles of the vagina: The Yoni Egg helps you bring back sensitivity and experience deeper orgasms such as a G-spot or a full-body orgasm. As you learn to listen to your vagina in a loving way with the Yoni Egg, you discover much more what your own body actually needs. And learning to feel what you need, and giving yourself that, is one of the most powerful and empowering things you can do. That’s really learning to love yourself.

    • John Ladykiller
  • Hi Seanie.
    I’m glad you enjoyed this blog.
    So what I have read and what I believe myself, is that you will of course still have the energetic presence of your womb and cervix in your subtle body. It is not the physical body which defines us necessarily, I believe we are more than mere flesh. Your subtle body is the aura, the electromagnetic field or your spirit. Often we get shrouded in this view that everything we do with the body is separate to what we do in the energetic field. They are one and the same. One of my favourite benefits of the yoni egg use, after using it for a few weeks, is its ability to connect me to that subtle turn on feeling, or Shakti feminine sexual energy in Sanskrit, which is more of an energetic than physical sensation. You will benefit from the egg as much as anyone else x

    • Aysha Goldstone
  • Hello Thankyou for all this wonderful information. I would like to get my first yoni egg but after reading about the cervix being connected to my heart, I’m now feeling a little sad and uncertain. I had to have my cervix and womb removed after my second child. Does this mean I can’t connect or that I can’t have the eggs?
    Please help.

    • Seanie