Why every woman needs a black obsidian yoni egg between her thighs- A Reiki master's view.

Black obsidian- for ultimate sexual healing.

I am often asked by women who are new to the likes of crystal dildos, yoni eggs & womb healing...where to begin? 

I always suggest that a woman begins her yoni healing journey with one tool- 

The black obsidian yoni egg. 

Black obsidian is known in many indigenous and shamanic cultures as a clearer of energy,

It is also known to work directly with the subconscious; the unseen aspects of self,

Which is where most of our trauma resides,

In the subconscious- expressing itself through the patterns and the symptoms of the body;

How the physical body presents is directed strongly by what emotional programming lies in the subconscious. 

The black obsidian yoni egg is the ultimate gateway tool for sexual healing,

It quietly works away, on a quantum, energetic, subtle level, helping to clear traumas, negative conditioning and energy blocks from the cellular memory of the body,

Helping to clear denser, heavier, slower moving emotion from where the emotional body and the physical body intersect-

Those subtle realms that are so strongly influenced by the alchemical container of your awareness.

The black obsidian yoni egg can yield fast and effective results for sexual healing and resensitisation of the yoni and the womb space,

With its accessibility and non invasiveness -

The fact that you can pop it in and wear it about your day,

Is what makes the yoni egg practice such a quiet, yet powerful tool to begin working with your sexual traumas and subtle energy blocks. 

When used with intention, black obsidian works very quickly and directly to stir up the shadows held in the subconscious mind,

Allowing for quick clearing and processing,

Clearing the sluggishness of slower moving chi in your body-mind,

Allowing for fresh life force to flood your awareness and your psyche-

And of course at the same time- resensitising the body for deeper pleasure and better sex. 

When I first began using the black obsidian yoni egg it took me a good few weeks to a couple of months of experimenting with either using it more intentionally or just wearing it about my day-

In order for me to feel any difference,

But I had quite a fair bit of tension in my yoni and womb from a lifetime(s) of negative conditioning, and different layers of trauma.

Many women I speak to tell me that they have had very quick results of accessing parts of themselves they didn't realise were there,

Big clearings and self realisations after only a small number of uses, sometimes in the first encounter, resulting in the ability to FEEL MORE.

More access to consciousness- more access to pleasure. 


Gaia, ground me in the Earth, ground me in my body.

Black obsidian is a molten lava from deep inside the Earth's core,

Which has cooled very quickly in order to assimilate the structure of this glassy reflective substance that we know of as obsidian. 

This powerful crystal is one of the most renowned semi precious stones for grounding into the physical,

Which is actually the by- product of clearing the subconscious. 

Heightened embodiment naturally ensues when we clear the body of old emotion. 

Black obsidian really does carry the same vibration is the deep, dark centre of the Earth; and it anchors you to the consciousness of the core of the planet.

In my opinion the Earth and the body are one and the same,

They are expressions of the same reality,

Essentially constructed of the same thing- carbon,

Ashes to ashes.  

To be grounded in nature,

Anchored to the Earth, is similar as being deeply rooted in your physical body-


And as we know the way to more pleasure, joy and sensuality is by becoming embodied-

Its a process of pulling back the dissociated aspects of awareness that trauma causes,

Allowing one to reside fully in the physical,

Rather than fragmented consciousness residing in the lofty, less REAL aspects of the thought realms, or other unconscious, dissociative spaces.  

As a performer, and a highly sensitive person- or an empath- I often also wear my black obsidian yoni egg when I am on stage as I find that it helps me to remain grounded in my own awareness; residing within my own body, instead of being aware of and picking up on the projections of the audience.  



Once a woman has worked with some of her layers of energetic blocks within the body, and already having begun her yoni healing journey, it is great to then graduate to some other crystal yoni eggs to work with, as the subtle sensitivity of the body has increased, and so it is easier then to pick up on the energetic frequencies of the other yoni stones. 

I like to suggest that a woman's yoni has a sense of taste, she can taste emotion, frequency and energy. 

Once we begin to sexually heal and wake up the consciousness of the womb and of the yoni, we really can pick up on these finer qualities of crystal sex toys,

And at a certain point it becomes quite clear to the senses that both rubber toys, or misaligned lovers alike no longer appeal. 



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