The real reason witches look younger- How crystal pleasure tools and other energy practices can reverse ageing

The body is the temple 

According to ancient Tantric wisdom the spine is the pathway for the main central channels of energy circulation for your body,

In Ancient Egyptian sex magick the spine was called the Djed- the highway for your consciousness to ascend.

As well as being the pathway of the locations of the energetic centres of your body, the chakras.

I like to think of chakras as being manifestations of the sacred geometry of the subtle bodies,

Just as the natural physical world displays infinite geometric intricacies- so too do the subtle realms. 

When we have blockages, or a build up of essentially stress and tension,

Or stagnant chi,

Or slow moving emotion in one area of the body,

Usually focused at a chakra location, ie the heart or the womb-

Our life force energy, or our kundalini shakti (as put in the Eastern traditions) cannot ascend up the highway of consciousness and inhabit the higher centres of self. 

The result is a limited life experience, and limited access to a greater sense of self. 

With that; vitality, direction, creativity and purpose are also limited.


Cleaning the temple

When we clear the body of stagnant chi (energy), using very basic and simple methods-

Life force energy begins to circulate the physical body in deeper and more comprehensive ways.

When we clear the chakras of energetic blockages, starting with the root and the sacral (the yoni and womb) where most people carry blocks-

It is the same thing essentially as clearing the body of subtle energetic, emotional blocks- 

And when we do this healing work on a subtle energy level,

Universal consciousness ie Light is able to ascend up the highway of the spine - and quite literally shine out of your face.

Everything else in life too, becomes easier at this point.

We heal faster,

Hormonal cycles begin to balance,

Illnesses lessen, and subside,

We begin to look, and feel more youthful and vibrant,

We feel more creative and inspired,

We feel deeper connection to our purpose-

We generally feel like a renewed version of self. 

A greater sense of physical, sensual pleasure- better sex, and better orgasms are also a side effect!

You see it's all energetic,

We are clearing the body of subtle emotional blockages,

And rewiring the body; the yoni and the womb, for greater energy circulation- hence deeper circulation of consciousness and pleasure.

Yoga as subtle energy work

Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice which is based on the way energy circulates the human body. 

It is sometimes referred to as the first yoga, which many other types of yoga have originated from. 

It is also known sometimes as a practice which is about the circulation of sexual, creative energy 

Make no mistake, all yogas work this way to some degree,

But kundalini yoga is a very powerful and advanced, complex form of yoga based on an ancient system of knowledge.

Kundalini Yogis are known for the their youthful appearance and glowing skin and there is a reason why- 

It is the free flowing energy and the lack of blockages within the energetic centres, the chakras- namely the yoni and the womb 

It's also not coincidence that orgasm gives you a flush of colour in the cheeks, and a visible vibrancy.

The vagina and the mouth are known in the ancient Eastern traditions like Taoism to be energetically connected,

As well as the cervix and the top of the spine,  

It is the same reason why a slow, breath work infused pleasure practice with crystal sex toys, the yoni egg practice-

Why healing and awakening the energy of the womb and lower centres ALSO work to keep you youthful and full of vitality. 

One of the most powerful and foundational exercises from within Kundalini yoga- works on clearing subtle energy blocks from the lower chakras, in particular clearing sexual trauma from the root and sacral chakras,

It is called Sat Kriya and works on pumping the navel point in and out, combined with breath work and chanting in order to stimulate blood and energy flow, directing your creative life force energy towards the higher centres of the body. 

There is one word of advice I would offer when considering practicing Kundalini Yoga,

It is such a powerful practice which works very quickly and directly to stimulate your creative life force, moving it up the spine-

Hence activating spiritual awakening-

And it can cause quite powerful shifts within an individual,

If you have any internal doubts as to whether or not it is right for you to practice Kundalini Yoga-

Listen to them and begin with more gentle yoga and energy work,

Such as meditation and energy healing to open the energy centres, and heal the chakras of the body in a more slow and gradual fashion.

Because of how Kundalini Yoga causes life force to rise up to the third eye and the crown chakras,

It can cause an unsettling experience if your heart chakra is not open and functioning,

Because when one expands the awareness of the visionary third eye and is able to see and perceive many more layers of reality, and have access to those other dimensions, 

One really needs the anchorage of the heart home in order to safely and strongly navigate those extra awarenesses. 



Whatever practices you can do to clear the body of subtle blocks; healing practices that clear the body of trauma, stuck emotion and stagnant chi- 

Things like breath work, somatic work, energy healing and meditation...

As well as living in alignment,

Feeling to heal- living in your authentic truth-

All these things will free up your physical body of denser emotion,

Giving you a sense of renewal that will seem like magick..

But magick is just a science that we are yet to understand...

It's all very simple, and the keys lie in your very own hands


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