The Ancient Tantric practice of Yoni Massage

Now, many of us know what the yoni egg practice is, but the lesser known and slightly more misunderstood practice of breath work infused, therapeutic yoni massage is currently being rediscovered and utilised by women all over the world

Yoni massage is an ancient Tantric practice of applying pressure, or essentially massage to all areas of the female genitalia, from the vulva, to the vaginal canal, to the cervix, in order to relieve tension.

The practice of yoni massage is said to open up the receiver's orgasmic potential, bring increased vitality and improvements to one's sex life, to name a few of the benefits.

While it may seem that the purpose of yoni massage would be to reach orgasm, this is not necessarily the case. Yoni massage is very separate from foreplay or sex, and is primarily  a therapeutic practice, although it very often sets the tone for a very deep self pleasure experience. 

But does yoni massage really yield the benefits it promises? Can massaging the flesh of your vulva, vaginal canal and cervix resensitize it, to the point of opening up the possibility of much deeper, stronger orgasms?

Can giving yourself a yoni massage really release pain and tension from your vagina, and increase creativity and vitality to your overall wellbeing? 

After the experiences I have had with it, as well as speaking with many other women on the subject, my answer is a firm- absolutely YES. 

Who could benefit from Yoni massage? 

Various studies on the subject of female sexuality state that around 7 of every 10 women have difficulty reaching orgasm from intercourse alone, and a further 1 to 2 out of every 10 women are anorgasmic, or do not experience orgasm at all. 

Furthermore, many women suffer from conditions of the pelvic area, from pelvic pain and tightness, to more chronic conditions.

It is now becoming more widely understood by both Eastern as well as Western practitioners that many, if not all physical imbalances are actually stress related.

Hence, it could be argued that de-stressing the body leads to greater wellness and a more stable internal environment.

Eastern influences

One of the basics of Eastern medicine, in particular Taoist reflexology, is that within the human body life force or Chi (Qi) that flows through energy lines, or meridians. 

Likewise, in the practice of Tantra, there is much reference to the Nadis, or energy channels within the body, that carry vital pranic energy to all the cells in your body. 

In both 'disciplines' the goal is to keep the energy moving freely, as blockages can, and do occur.

Yoni massage and other more Eastern influenced self care practices are now being rediscovered and utilised by women all over the world, in order to re-awaken, resensitize and heal the yoni, based on the understanding that this sacred space, actually does benefit from the release of energetic blockages.

From my own experience, as well as speaking with many other women on the subject, I can say that yoni massage is a deeply profound practice that most women would benefit greatly from.

Yoni massage basics:

When we think about how we move energy around the body, we do so using three of our faculties; movement, breath and intention. 

 1. Movement

Or in the case of massage- pressure.

Taking long, slow deep breaths, start with massaging your belly, your inner thighs, and your breasts.

With a hand on your heart, be present with yourself and drop into your body, gently touch your vulva, or your outer vagina. Become aware of all of your sensations.

When you feel ready slowly insert your fingers or a yoni wand, and 'map' the internal walls of your vagina. Start at the entrance to your vagina and work either clockwise, or anti- clockwise. Gradually ascend deeper into your vaginal canal, being sure to feel for any areas of numbness, tension or pain, massage slowly and firmly into those areas, while breathing deeply, and sounding on the exhale.

You want to stay with one area of tension or pain for as many breaths, or as long as it takes for the tension to subside. 

So, ideally you want to give yourself a suitable amount of time to conduct this practice. Tap into your body and notice how you start to really relax into the process after a while.

Deepen your breathing, and deepen your relaxation. 

2. Breath

Absolutely key to yoni massage being beneficial is the breath work, taking long, slow, deep breaths during the massage. Sounding during yoni massage is also beneficial, which is as simple as making sound on the exhale.

Just as we were taught in science classes, energy never ceases to exist, it only transfers from one state to another, so we want to give any energetic blockages an "out" so to speak. 

Just as you sigh naturally to relieve tension after a long day, this is much the same as how deep breaths, and sounding during yoni massage works to release stored tension in the body.

3. Intention

The intention aspect of this exercise is certainly not to be overlooked. Absolutely everything we do starts with intention on some level, and intention is a powerful seed to bring forth results. In this way, it is nice to create some sort of ritual around this ancient Tantric healing practice.

Afford yourself the time and the privacy, set your space, focus on what you want to get from this time spent with yourself, whether it be healing from trauma or pain, reconnecting to yourself, increasing your pleasure, loving and accepting yourself more, being comfortable with your body. Anything that comes to mind is right for you.

 4. Allow release

It is also important to remember that you are likely to experience emotional release during, or after this process. So, you want to remain open and fluid in your energy, and you want to allow yourself to feel whatever it is that arises within you, and express it. 


My recent understanding, when exploring things like yoni massage, and other Tantric practices is that they can, and currently are providing amazing results for women's sexual wellbeing.

Energy gets stuck in the body. Emotion gets stuck in the body. 

Eastern practices like yoga, tantra, breathwork (pranayama) are all based on the understanding that the physical body is more a construct of energy systems, as opposed to simply physical, and that our attention, and our intention can and does greatly affect the physical. 

If you have ever had the sense that you are in some way blocked, which hindered pleasure is indicative of, then give it a go and see.

All energy wants to do is flow...which is what pleasure feels like in the body. 



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