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Sex Magick | Intentional Pleasure Pt 3

Sex Magick | Intentional Pleasure  Pt 3

Sexual energy = Life force

This is the final of three blogs on Sex Magick and Intentional pleasure, written as an in depth explanation on the potency of working with our sexual energy in order to alter consciousness,

Please read them together for a more comprehensive understanding of this complex subject.

As outlined in blog 2, we know already of the benefit of directing your sexual energy for positive shifts in your life,


The Witch, the priestess, the healer

The Witch, the priestess, the healer

The Sage, the Shaman, The Mage. 

They all mean the same thing-

Yet there is one that sticks out as sounding sinister to our societally conditioned minds, because of a very old smear campaign.

It is hard to ignore the subjugation of the divine feminine within religious and spiritual theology.

Prior to the spread of Christianity there were many cultures and spiritual traditions- which held equal reverence for both the masculine and the feminine poles. 

But more recently- the divine feminine been subjugated,

This is where