Magick and healing- How to begin

Crafting your own magickal practice 

All of my life I was drawn to magick, mysticism, witchcraft, the occult and healing practices,

I would read and research avidly in the realms of indigenous, shamanic, archaic traditions- it seemed that I was always looking for "the one right way"

Now I am older I have discovered that in regards to magic and mysticism, all ways are right, all ways are real- and with a magickal practice the one way is YOUR way.

It doesn't matter the tools or practices you use. All are valid. What DOES carry the most weight in how successful your workings are, however- is the level of presence and intention you are able to drop into during your practice. 

YOU are the magic ingredient. Your own energy. So meditating during your workings is the most powerful way to super charge your results. 

With this, is it best to ritualise all you do; the more intentional and present you can be the more potent your work will be.

It is tradition, in all healing and magickal works to firstly, create a sacred space. Creating a moment and a place, is creating a portal; a realm in and of itself, an energy field.

All magick and all creation is a confluence of energy- a focused intention. Quantumly, all the work you do becomes a field of its own right, with dimensions and form.

To add power to an intention in any workings, whether it be healing, or magick- it will serve you well to create it and contain it within earthly, physical proportions, once contained and created, your work can be made more and more whole and powerful when you breathe life (energy) into it via meditation / intention.

Borrowing from shamanic tradition

Many different shamanic, indigenous as well as institutionalised religious practices throughout the ages, have spoken to the elements and the directions- North, South, East and West, and Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Some people call in deities and angels.

I personally call in the four archangels associated with the directions and the four winds in both ancient mystic Christianity, Judaism.

Some people believe that the Christian archangels actually predate the development of Christianity and that they derive from godheads within the Ancient Egyptian tradition. 

It is up to you and the development of your pyche and subconscious which deities you want to work with or call on, or if you want to work with any at all. 

Going directly to the light of God is always the ultimate space for me to work in. 

All things exist, and all things exist within you so ask your higher self what traditions you are drawn to, borrow elements from whichever traditions you feel to- but most of all, follow your own intuition and guidance. 

A word of advice. Karmic weight is real. 

The invocation of dark spirits and demonic entities can, does, and has always happened. Those things, from my level headed modern thinking, is tantamount to what I would call mental illness. 

The highest form of magick is healing, because when the creator heals- the creation becomes divine. 

Aligning with the flow and consciousness of love is the fastest, and in my view - the only way to growth and healing.

It is Love that makes all things possible. 





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