Sex Magick- Intentional pleasure to raise your vibration and expand your magnetic field - Pt. 1

The essence of Sex Magick

The term Sex Magick is something that I find fascinating and intriguing,

The words themselves when placed together are enchanting and a little eerie. 

If you googled the words Sex Magick you would get an array of results come up, none of which I have seen that depict, nor explain the true depth of what sex magick is.

The real sex magick; is what many ancient Goddess worshipping civilisations have revered as our healing and expansive birth right, that is conscious sexuality. 

The ancients knew of our celestial origins,

The modern science of nuclear astrophysics delves deep into the celestial origins of our atoms and molecules, 

And yet, the ancients had a deeper and much more complex understanding of our very nature as humans.

They understood the way divine energy is channelled through the human physical temple,

And of our truly intricate and complex energetic nature, in physical form.

There is so much knowledge that has been covered up and hidden from the masses, 

Only a few still using this ancient wisdom today.

Except- this ancient wisdom is beginning to wake up within the collective mind.


The womb as a portal, the body as a channel

If we can for a moment de -sexualise the human body and instead see ourselves as a complex energetic system, 

We can see the potential to increase our personal power, our creative energy and our life force- by increasing our energy field.

But what is power? 

And how to increase ones energy field?

Power is presence

Power is life force

Increasing personal power is the cultivation of the pure energy of life itself.

When the energetic system, ie the human physical body 

Has a strong flow of life force energy within it, 

The human experience becomes an incredible gift,

For self, and for the collective at large. 

We become channels of divine source energy,

It flows through us, and cascades into the unified field of awareness,

Influencing and changing the energetic structure of Earth's collective mentality for the better,

By providing new templates of higher consciousness for humanity. 


A Tantric approach

One of the most powerful methods of energy circulation that we as humans have access to, is the circulation of sexual energy (pure consciousness) in the body.

And yet- there is a difference between purely primal, carnal fucking, (not knocking preffered styles here) 

But there is a difference between this and a more present, expansive and intentional experience of sexual, sensual pleasure and connection- which many of us deeply crave. 

When we alter our approach to sex and sensuality,

By choosing to heighten presence,

By circulating the energy deeper into our physiology and psyche by breathing deeply,

And by feeling into the energetic subtleties present, 

We begin to connect with the essence of what we are.

Through this Tantric, present approach.

We depart the realm of carnal half conscious fucking to pass the time,

We deepen awareness and feel into the subtleties and nuances of energetic connection to self or other,

And we allow the consciousness of life itself to course our veins- 

Through intentional, present, breath work infused pleasure. 

Sex and pleasure both then become a life force imbuing,

Golden light circulating practice. 

By doing this we also prime the body for a deeper experience,

And we begin to feel so much more pleasure,

As we consciously circulate our chi energy, our Shakti life force energy deeper into our physiology. 


The neural wiring capacity of pleasure and orgasm

The way we engage with sex and pleasure strongly affects the neural pathways in our brain, 

Hence altering our perception and awareness strongly,

The capacity that sex has to to exact change within our psyche is an uptapped gift,

Whether we are aware of it or not, and whether we intentional with it or not,

Our sex overflows into the rest of our lives.

By utilising this natural capacity, and making our pleasure in some way intentional,

In some way directed towards what we want to give energy to;

We can create huge energetic shifts in our lives.



The very same thing we go to healers for, 

You have at your fingertips,

I am just reminding you of your true nature.

This is the healing and expansive practice of sex magick, as revered by the ancients.

The intentional cultivation of Pure consciousness itself within the physical temple;

Through the understanding of the sanctity, and power of sex. 

Next week in part two of this blog on sex magick and intentional pleasure I will go into more detail regarding the energetic system of the sacred human body,

And I will guide you more on how to circulate and direct your Shakti energy towards positive change, healing, growth and expansion. 

In the meantime, and while you digest Part 1 of this blog series you can browse our range of crystals for sacred sex and intentional pleasure here. 









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