How to escape the perils of ageing

Women are always wondering how to stay young or how to slow the ageing process, if this is you read on for a radical new perspective on an age old concern.

Up until now

We have been told from a young age that old = unattractive, that ageing is something we should try to delay, to avoid.

Deep down in a lot of women's minds there is a paralysing fear of getting old. A fear of having children and becoming stretched, saggy, tired, wrinkly. All the horrible things that seem to be the polar opposite of what we find attractive; nubile, ripe, full, juicy, ready, primed.

Yet, I am glimpsing another truth.

I am 35.5 years old. I have had one child who is now 2 years old. Many of my female friends who I have known for a long time have also had children, and my observations tell me a different story from the one we have been's funny what we believe because the world tells us its true.

A different angle

What ages us is living in such a way that is not conducive to our highest good. Ignoring our inner voice, the voice which speaks loud and clear asking us to stay true. It is not the timeline which has power over how we age, but the linear choices we make as we move forward in time, and how they truly, deeply make us feel. 

I have witnessed women literally crystallise as the years go on, it's like there's some magical quality which increases in her as she ages, her eyes begin to sparkle more, the lines in her face trace expressions of strength, joy and wisdom.

And my view is that this is what should be more commonplace than the wilting we often see the years bring. 

Nothing to do with time

So what this essentially comes down to is emotion, not time. The emotions that you live with carve out the expression on your face. And repetition solidifies.

If you have lived a life making brave choices, because you knew they were the right ones, listening to that inner voice and honouring her every time she whispered to you...

Leaving the job you hate, ending the dead relationship you cling to for fear of nothing better coming your way, choosing to habituate joy, pleasure, comfort…demanding for yourself the things that make you feel amazing. 

This is what will ensure that you grow rather than age, because how you feel, becomes written on your face. 

When women embody their purpose, and start living for themselves we will start to revere the older lady as much more than we currently do in society. 


It's not the shell alone which we see, but the quality of the energy coursing your veins; if you are moved by love for yourself, or by fear of the world. It is not lines which render someone old and unattractive, lines are what we are made up of. Shapes, lines, texture, expression. What matters is what lives inside of your lines and shapes.

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