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Ancient Tantric Wisdom

I have been guiding myself through trauma healing breath work therapy for exactly the past three months now, and the shifts I have seen in my perception and awareness have been incredible.

I believe that we are at a point in history of massive collective awakening.

So much ancient wisdom is coming through many of the minds of humans alive at this time in history, and feeding into the collective mind.

Some of this ancient wisdom I mention is the basic understanding of how energy/ emotion moves through and is stored in the body.

The Eastern health modalities also have an understanding of life force energy, of Chi,  the creative energy that animates and works through all living beings,

We are understanding now how we can access and move denser emotional energy from the body-mind,

Using the pillars of-




Which all clear the emotional, energetic density from the body,

Allowing us to align with a much greater flow of Chi- of universal life force energy,

Brings in a greater sense of vitality and wellness, 

Which also makes us more sensually alive and sensate.


A personal journey

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 21,

The symptoms of which subsided in the past three years- now at almost 40.

My health greatly improved since I started doing all my healing and energy work;

Through the modalities of intentional, conscious pleasure, and sex magick to rewire the neural pathways of my brain,

Through the use of meditation, Reiki and energy healing.

Through slowing down and dropping into the theta state, the place where we can access and reprogram the subconscious,

Through my intuitive, free movement and somatic therapy,

I have been doing the deep work.

YET now since using a doing breath work practice every day for the past three months I have seen myself catapult into a new version of me,

With renewed vision, direction, clarity and purpose-

AND for the past three months I am like clock work- bleeding with the Full moon and ovulating at the dark moon.

Breath work truly is a vehicle to release old pain, old emotion, slower moving stagnant Chi and denser energy from the body.

When that emotional pain is stored in the yoni and womb it contracts us physically, and causes tension and an in turn- an impeding of sensual, sexual pleasure.

After a while, if left un checked, this stagnant emotion can easily manifest into ailments of the reproductive system,



To use the yoni egg or a crystal yoni wand for self yoni mapping healing therapies,

And combining the use of these crystals with conscious, purposeful breath work-

Where we ALLOW the breath to be a vehicle, or a portal for the release of old emotion,

These tools and practices can so quickly create energetic shifts in our awareness,

Immediately resensitising the body,

Allowing for deeper pleasure and better nourishing G spot and cervical orgasms,

Gradually helping hormonal cycles to settle,

Slowing ageing and fine tuning our health, our wellness and our physiology.

There is no energy block that we cannot clear with breath work, with somatic meditation, and with the cultivation of our presence.

So to celebrate my third month of trauma healing breath work therapy and the benefits and shifts that have come from this,

To celebrate my precise lunar synching, and my ensuing feeling of connection to the cycles of nature and to my own cycle of creativity,

And to celebrate the healings and awakenings we see and feel unfolding in the collective I am offering 10% off store wide for the next 3 days with the code ARIESMOON10

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Much Love,

Aysha x  


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