How to clear a few thousand years of tension

All matters of energy, pleasure and living...CONTRACTION VS EXPANSION

I recoil when I hear the words "yoni eggs for a strong, tight vagina, or, the suggestion that a tight sexual centre equals more pleasure,

While Yoni eggs provide resistance for use with Kegels, if you do need to tone- there is in fact an entire world of lesser known benefits. 

Tight often equals tense,

Tight equals restriction and contraction,

Which is the opposite of flow...

Lack of flow leads to built up tension in the physical body (stuck energy) hence an absence, or hinderance of deep pleasure and orgasms.

The yoni egg, and other practices such as breath and intention infused yoni massage using a purpose made crystal yoni wand - provide gentle stress relief, clearing the body and psyche of residual stress and tension.

It's this principle by which these sacred, ritualistic practices open you up to experience deeper pleasure. 

Clearing that residual (and often unnoticed tension) increases orgasmic potential, rewires the body for G spot orgasms, cervical orgasms, heightens sexual sensitivity, and wellness in general.

In Western culture we have learned to live in states of dissociation from the physical.

Moreover, many of us carry some kind of trauma, conscious or subconscious which severs the connection between the yoni and heart.

The Art Erotic's tools and practices originate from an ancient culture steeped in the same energetic principles as the Tao, Qi Gong and Tantra.

These methods of slow, healing pleasure and therapeutic touch allow you to connect to the layers of subtle energy blocks present within your own system, which can literally open you up to receive more energy flow, increased pleasure, deeper orgasms and general vitality.

The exhale

So, what about releasing stored tension and stress from the yoni?

From the heart, the body, the psyche...the moment?

And when did you feel the most pleasure during sex?

And in life?

Personally, I experience the most pleasure in life AND in sex, when I am in a state of openness.

Not contracted,

Not tight,

Not tense. 

Instead, open and in flow with what is...

At all times in our lives we are either in a state of contraction-

Restricting away from life, pulling our energy and our breath inwards,

Or we are in a state of openness and flow. 

It is like the exhale.

Surrender to the moment.

Surrender to what is.

Tension vs flow = Yes vs No

The human body communicates our feelings to us with this subtle mechanistic response and we can feel these binary states in the body either as-

Contraction or expansion

As women, our yonis and our wombs are our feeling centres, and they ALWAYS communicate in a binary fashion.

An open and warm, whole body YES

Or, the opposite-

A restriction inwards,

A contraction.

We can feel the binary responses that our bodies have in an instant, to any thought or outside stimulus.

Layer upon layer of these energetic responses exist within your body; down to your cells, your DNA, and your recessive memory.

Essentially this is the higher self's communication, to guide us to what is right, healthy and in our highest good- a mechanism of nature to ensure good evolution.

Listening to this communication is the equivalent of listening to our feelings.

But what happens when we have been taught the opposite all our lives?

Western society encourages focus on everything that is outside of the self, rather than having a coherent discourse with one's own energy state, one's own feelings.

Society doesn't often welcome, nor create a feeling person- 

Feeling has no place in the productivity of society.

So, many of us don't actually listen to what our bodies say to us, whether in life or in sex,

And again, if there is a lack of pleasure in life OR in sex, the tendency is to continue to try and push through to feel more...

We have not yet learned the simplicity of being with, and listening to the pull of our own energy, our own feelings.

We have not been taught how to embody the feminine principles of stillness and receptivity.

The remembrance of this way is to key to healing,

Remembering the way of embodiment.

The ancient spiritual teaching of the importance of PRESENCE.

Feeling is healing

Energy (e-motion), always wants to move, to flow, to not be restricted or impeded in its movement.

Yet, your energy cannot flow through you if you are not present to feel it, 

Hence, we experience a build up of stuck energy which becomes pleasure impeding stress in the body. 

One of the keys to health and happiness is the clearing of our energetic or  emotional blocks.

Opening more and more to the natural flow of life,

The joy AND the pain, 

The pleasure AND the numbness.

Instead of just seeking for, and wanting only to feel the good,

We must feel what is there,

We must not resist, restrict or contract.

We must feel the things that we don't want to feel, in order to allow them to move through us.

As e-motion does.

Be Here Now

This is why slow self touch works to resensitise the body.

The tools and practices shared at The Art Erotic encourage a SLOW and more PRESENT dialogue with one's senses.

Being present with, and breathing through your subtle layers of energy blocks, your numbness, your pain and discomfort- quickly gives rise to layers of sensuality, and feelings of aliveness present within the body.

The yoni egg practice, tantric yoni massage and energy healing can and does bring up layers of buried pain.

Expect to witness negative emotion arise, as you move through these spaces of numbness and disconnect-

Women; we are an endless source of bliss if we can just soften into the layers.

Many of us today are actually healing through stored residual tension, and ancestral trauma, left in our cells and down to our DNA, from centuries of abuse and oppression of our divine feminine, sexual and creative life force energy.

The awakening of the divine feminine sees many women around the globe currently healing themselves of deep wounds, and finding themselves back on the path toward self sovereignty.

Tools and practices

The yoni egg can be life changing if made into a daily or weekly practice, and incorporated with other practices like yoga, meditation, tantric self yoni massage, and intentional pleasure rituals or sex magick.

Life changing, because up until now we have underestimated the power, and implications of our sexual energy. 

Our sacral and womb area are our feminine powerhouses, but first we must clear a few thousands of years worth of oppression, and reclaim our access to our own pleasure, our own sexual energy and our own creative life expression.


Every thing is energy, essentially layers of emotion, from the subconscious memory of your experiences and previous incarnations;

Contraction vs expansion

Trauma led energetic contraction in the cells, or safety led energetic expansion, essentially...flow.

Layer upon layer.

You can begin to clear them through the access point of the body and the breath, here and now. 

It's only through clearing the old that you can welcome the new...

Slow down, drop in, feel...





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