Deepening communication with your yoni egg- A Shamanic approach.

Meet your yoni egg

The yoni egg is not only a physical tool, for use with your somatic self connection practices; your kegels and pelvic floor exercises, a yummy little crystal you can gently squeeze and release, as you wear internally and breathe whilst you self pleasure. It is so much more than that.

When used with the facets of your intention & creatively visualising mind, the yoni egg is also a shamanic tool for healing of, and connection to the yoni, or vagina, and the energetic centre of your womb space.

I reap so much self connection and expansion benefit when I use the yoni egg not only physically; but also with the intentional, imaginative mind, 

The yoni egg becomes a talisman of healing, protection and expansion for my feminine sexual energy, my shakti life force energy. 


Reclaiming your sexual energy

As women we live in a world where female sexual energy is one of the most potent, intoxicating and highly desirable substances for many people, and when a woman lacks self connection, self sovereignty, self worth and boundaries (noticing and honouring of her body's communication)

Then unfortunately, she is left open to all kinds of abuse and manipulation of her sexual essence, energy and identity. 

When women claim back their bodies through deepening a communication with her own sexual energy; by listening to, and trusting the body and its binary responses, she meets parts of herself, heals aspects of her subconscious mind, opens up to better health, as well as fine tunes her intuition, wisdom and personal power- generally life gets infinitely better.

Because sexual energy, pleasure, the sensations and consciousness of the yoni and the womb...all of these things are indeed your magick, not your sin as you have been taught to feel deeply in your subconscious mind and in your body's ancestral memory.

Deepening your womb wisdom 

A crystal; being an intelligent part of nature, with a complex structure and purported consciousness, seems to respond and communicate back very effectively when you employ this more shamanic approach.

For example- 

Before you insert your yoni egg, hold it in your palms or to your third eye and program it with your intention, or you can ask your yoni egg to shed light and guide you home towards your self and your body's truth.

How on earth do I do that? I hear you ask...

The way you would cleanse a Tarot deck after and before each use with sage smoke or palo santo...just taking a moment to set an intention is powerful in itself.

As you intend with your higher self (or guides/ ancestors/ God) to purify the deck- you might ask that the messages that come through to be clear,

You can use and communicate with your yoni egg in the same way. 

Or the way that- on one hand you might light a candle and walk away, noticing it flicker from the far corner of the room whilst you read,

In contrast you could also light the flame and sit with its energy, watching the flame dance as you programme it with your intention through the act of contemplation;

These acts, and rituals with our tools always cause cogs to begin to turn within the subconscious mind. 


The somatic body is the gateway to all of life 

As an energy healer, and someone who was fated to discover the secrets of healing, through deep life changing trauma, it is my certain belief that in order to create, change or attract anything in life- one must go through the portal of their own body. 

Let me explain, the body is an entity, like everything in the physical realm that resonates at frequency, attracting and repelling through vibration.

When we begin to connect more with the body through increasing presence and communication with our feelings, we are then able to alter and change our frequency state, affecting a change in the people and situations that we resonate with. 

The body is an emotional and visceral landscape consisting of layers of varying degrees of consciousness; less conscious parts of self buried beneath more prominent and aware states of feeling, or knowing.

One must go towards the body's authentic truth, to transmute subconscious belief and patterning, through the direct experiencing of our layers of emotion, & with the portal of awareness itself.

Through somatic experiencing of our subconscious stresses, the body then makes space for the consciousness of pure presence, which is joyful.

Your pussy, Your power

The yoni egg allows access to our visceral self. It is a tool for direct communication with the body, the soma, where our emotion is housed and buried, layer upon layer, day after day, trauma after trauma, lifetime after lifetime- and when we work directly with the body in the here and now, essentially this is also an ancestral healing journey.

By directly stimulating the G spot, the walls of the vagina and the cervix through direct connection, the yoni egg provides access to the visceral and emotional layers of the vagina and womb, and all of the memories and unprocessed emotions held there.


We are all our own healers, so when the yoni egg is used consciously and intentionally, with a self healing/ Shamanic approach, it provides an unparalleled sense of self connection, and highlights aspects of the internal, energetic and emotional experience of what it is to be in a woman's body.



In recent years we have seen much collective healing and ancestral healing unfold for many. With this has come an evolving of how reality is viewed, an opening up of possibilities, experiences and realms that we have access to in the human body.

Modern science is now supporting many ancient spiritual truths, and we see a remembrance of the old ways and gradual a return to our true nature and presence- as divine, powerfully creative beings.

The way we relate to ourselves and one another continues to evolve, and with this there is a collective understanding of the sanctity of the human body, and the sacredness of our essence, and sexual, creative nature. 

The body is the blueprint of our energetic signature, and while it speaks of our lineage, it also presents with the opportunity to access and change our current and future realities...

Through working directly with the body- in the here in now, using the breath, the awareness and cultivating presence. 

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