Yoni Egg Overview and Sizing Info


When you place the yoni egg into the entrance to the yoni, it sits within the vaginal cavity and can move its way up toward the entrance to the cervix. It is physically impossible for it to go any further into the body or to get stuck. However, when starting out many women like to choose a drilled egg so that they can string it with some floss or natural thread- for easy retrieval and peace of mind. 

The yoni egg practice helps you to reconnect with your feminine energy, your sensitivity and subtle layers of emotional energy in the body; encouraging the clearing of old patterns, traumas and conditioning.

Which size should I get?

We recommend large for women who have given birth vaginally, have a weak pelvic floor, or who have the personal feeling that they would like to tone and tighten their yoni. Medium is recommended for most women starting out, and who have not given vaginal childbirth. 

small yoni egg is recommended for women who have been using the yoni egg for some time. Graduating to a small size is a wonderful initiation into experiencing more subtle layers of energy, pleasure and sensitivity within one's body. 

Yoni eggs can be used as a tightening tool, to provide resistance for your Kegel practice. They are also beneficial for women wanting to release tension from the yoni and the pelvic region. 

Use with gentle, meditative practice, breath work, intentional touch and pleasure. 

If you are interested in a set of three yoni eggs of the above sizes please enquire as to availability in the stone of your choice.