Why is it important for women to heal sexual blocks now more than ever?

The Ascension is underway

It doesn't seem to be a secret to me and my mates that there is a global shift in consciousness occurring right now on the planet. An ascension as it were; a mass collective healing and awakening of the light body, and of our true potential as creators of our reality

Each full moon cycle lately, is a mass clearing of emotional energy and density from the planet. 

It seems to me that the sun's light has gotten more bright and powerful, illuminating the darkness, highlighting the shadows in order to clear and activate the collective soul of mankind to its truer essence. 

The foretold second coming of Christ is here, not in the way many imagined but in Christ consciousness waking up in humanity.

It is important to remain open to these shifts and changes- opening as clear channels to celestial frequency; opening in breath, and in body, and in intention- to the ascension of self, to unify with the purity of Love; of which is the true nature of all sentient beings. 

Women are healers 

Women are by nature- channels of the divine.

Indigenous cultures throughout history have revered women as the bridge of the soul, through which spirit comes to Earth. 

Men are known as more Earthly in vibration, more grounded to the consciousness of planet Earth,

Whereas women are known in Ancient Yogic tradition, as having a greater and stronger aura; or electromagnetic field-

Making us more powerful creators and manifestors than men.

Its my belief that this is why religion sought to disempower women, through the demonisation of their sexuality (energy/power)-

Through the oppression and abuse of our sexual, creative nature.  


Awakening heart centred love and womb consciousness

Women are natural healers by nature and by virtue of their divine connection, and by the heart centred, mother love- through which they experience their humanity. 

The divine love that embodies a women's life, and enables her to nurture and grow her children- is nothing short of Godly. 

A woman's body is a portal of life and universal consciousness itself, so when the body of the woman is clearer of emotional density and energetic blocks, she becomes a clearer channel for celestial love on the planet.




You see this sexual healing stuff is not as frivolous as some may think.

Pleasure is an expansive medicine, the more we circulate pleasure deeper into the physiology of the body-

And as we heal our ancestral traumas and collective sexual wounds, the more Life force, chi energy and essentially - God consciousness we have access to, hence can channel into the Earthly realm for the uplifting of humanity. 

The gateway tool, and the quintessential stone to begin your sexual healing and resensitizing journey- is the powerful black obsidian yoni egg.

For the next three days during Easter, and to honour the return of Christ consciousness on to planet Earth you can enjoy 15% off the black obsidian yoni egg with the code EASTEREGGS at checkout.


Aysha xx



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