What can crystal sex toys do for your pleasure and wellness?

At the end of the day, I still encounter heaps of people who ask me what a yoni wand is? 

I get it- crystal sex toys, and pleasure wands are not the most well known of sex toys available on the market.

In short, a crystal dildo is probably one of the most beautiful objects you will ever behold. It is of course, also phallic and designed for internal pleasure. 

The questions I often hear are; How do they feel? Do they vibrate? Are crystal dildos safe? Are they healing? Are they too cold, or too hard? 

Vibrators and other types of rubber or silicone sex toys currently dominate in toy sales within the sex industry, and while I'm not knocking the use of any of your favourite sex toys, I am also here to shed a little light on an alternative.


Crystal dildos bring a whole new energy to your self pleasure

Just to clarify, what I mean by that headline is;

Yes...after the amount of time I have been "working with" crystal sex toys I do believe that they hold a special kind of healing energy, an aliveness.

I feel more of an electricity within my pleasure when I use them, compared to rubber. 

I also believe that using a crystal yoni wand has helped my body to release a lot of built up tension, something that I believe is testament to the healing properties of crystals. 

After all, we know that quartz crystals facilitate the movement of energy which is why they are used in timepieces.

And, after all, everything is energy, even my body, my emotions, and my sexuality.

But another way that crystal dildos bring a new and different energy to your self love-making, is that they encourage you to go deeper, and really tap in to how you feel, which in turn, deepens the overall sexual experience.

What do I mean by a deeper sexual experience?  

Vibrators are the most common type of sex toy for women, and essentially they are designed for clitoral stimulation. While that is all well and good, there are two things to consider here.

Firstly, when focusing only on the clitoris we are completely overlooking the potential we have for much deeper pleasure within the vagina.

But- if you are like most women, and haven't always felt that much internal pleasure, it is all the more reason to encourage your body to open up and feel, using a yoni wand.

The other thing is this- the body gets trained into climaxing from the types of stimulation you enjoy. In short, vibrators desensitise you.

Don't freak out, they don't fry your nerve endings permanently, but they certainly get your body to need that high octane stimulation in order to orgasm, and after all, what fingers or tongue, or penis for that matter, vibrates?

Again, fear not, it is all a matter of slowing down, reacquainting yourself with other sensations, and discovering new road maps to sexual, sensual pleasure.

This is turn ends up taking you to deeper states of pleasure, and the potential for more transforming, and energising G- spot and cervical orgasms.

Some of us could benefit from using internal "de-armouring" methods such as the Yoni egg practice and Yoni massage, but it is oh so worth the journey.

You see, the woman's body, in it's rightful state is a haven of erogenous zones. And the internal vagina, in it's rightful state, is entirely sensate and pleasurable to the touch, when a woman is turned on and in the mood. It's just that so many of us have become shut down to internal pleasure, that clitoral orgasms have now become the norm. 

I have my own understandings and ideas as to why this is the case, I have recently come to think of this as the Great Feminine Wound; a residual tension held within many women's bodies, which is the result of thousands of years of patriarchal suppression of our sexuality. 

So now we find ourselves in a time of exploration, of healing, and of increasing awareness and expanding our sexual experience, to discover a deeper way of connecting to our bodies and pleasure.

We are currently going through a process of collective transformation.

Which is why it is so imperative now that we begin to take back our sexual sovereignty. 

There is a reason why our sexuality has been suppressed.

There is a reason why sexuality has mutated into a shallow, dirty, sinful and purely carnal entity, within the pornography industry.

Our sexual energy is our creative energy.

When we use our sexual energy consciously, it has huge potential to be a method of personal transformation, and of true self actualisation. 

Our sexual energy is our power, our driving force with which we move through the field of existence, simply because this energy is our essence. It is us. 

Within the human experience, this divine, sexual, sensate and creative self has become demonised, creating an existential complex that many of us suffer from, a deeply ingrained sense of guilt for our very own sexual nature.

We have been made to feel guilty for our very existence.

The New Paradigm of Divine Sexual Self Expression

When I use my crystal sex toys I get way deeper into my states of orgasmic bliss and pleasure, I slow down, I take time and it becomes a kind of self love ritual. 

I see my self pleasure as something that is sacred, explorative, and healing. It is essentially so good, and right for my body. Using a crystal to make love to yourself makes you feel like a queen, and so you should. 

So, knowing that the body gets trained into climaxing from the types of stimulation it experiences is the starting point for me to explain exactly how crystal dildos have increased my pleasure, and made me more orgasmic.

Think of yourself as a vessel. Your entire body, but particularly your vagina is a vessel through which life force, energy, emotion and essentially feelings of pleasure move through. (For more on this check out this blog.)

Within this vessel of the self, we move energy using breath, movement and awareness. This is the same way that we renew ourselves through practicing exercise or yoga.

When there is a lack of feeling, it is because there is a blockage of energy, or emotion (remember that everything is energy).

Healthy, alive flesh is not numb to pleasure, and so we want to move that blockage, and resensitize that flesh using a combination of pressure/ movement, (yoni massage, slow conscious self pleasure, the yoni egg practice) breath work, and awareness, (intention).

When I self pleasure, I often incorporate meditation, deep breathing, conscious release of tension within my energy body, and creative visualisation, and since having this approach towards my self pleasure I have massively increased my vaginal sensitivity, my energy levels, my creativity, my zest for life and my libido.

I know all this sounds kind of magical, and to be honest it kinda is. 

Of course, sometimes I just want to pleasure myself, but I know the effects on the mind and consciousness of using deeper Tantric methods like these, and so I tend to utilise them.

There is not much more amazing than seeing and feeling shifts within your perception from incorporating these deeper, spiritual practices in your self- pleasure routine.

So, a crystal dildo, on top of all else, is a beautifully symbolic object, and gifting yourself one, is an ode to your divine, sexual, creative self. 

Yes, but HOW do you start? 

1. If you are more used to clitoral stimulation try penetrating yourself with a wand at the same time. Start slowly, and make sure you tap into everything that you're feeling.

You can also intermittently engage your PC muscles while you do this, which will increase blood flow to the area, and send impulses to your brain that reconnect you to a sense of internal pleasure, which will, over time strengthen those neural pathways, increasing your vaginal sensitivity overall. 

2. When you slowly massage yourself internally using a crystal yoni wand, while simultaneously breathing deeply, or making sound on the exhale, this has great potential to release stored emotion and blocked energy from the sexual centre. This is the practice of Yoni massage. 

When I first started practicing yoni massage I admit, I wasn't convinced that it would work to resensitize me, or that we as women even "store" emotion in our sexual centre, but the experiences I have had through these practices are akin to an awakening.

The aim is to apply pressure to the entire inner vagina, while making sure to feel for any areas of numbness or pain. Focus on those points with firm pressure, conscious intention, deep breath, and sound on the exhale. Simple enough.

This is a method of resensitization that is currently providing huge benefits for many women, in this Sacred Feminine sexuality awakening movement that we find ourselves in.

Often, after practicing yoni massage I have emotional releases, to greater or lesser degree. This is normal, and it is important to allow yourself to feel and release those emotions. You will likely notice that more vaginal sensitivity ensues these releases. 

Straight yoni wands are fabulous for cervical massage (or de-armouring) while curved wands are great for G-spot massage...*two new curved wands will be added to our product line very soon!* I cant wait :D

 Are crystal dildos too hard, or too cold? 

Crystal yoni wands are similar to glass dildos, which are probably more well known and widely available, at this stage; one would be able to pick up a metal or glass dildo from most real- world or online sex toy stores. 

The hardness of a crystal dildo is something that you don't really feel when it is inside you, and you can easily warm it up under running water, or lay with it in bed, next your thighs or on your heart, while you warm yourself up. 

Ideally your vagina will be ready for penetration during your pleasure sessions, which is why you do not feel the hardness of the crystal when it is inside you.

If you would be penetrated by any sort of phallic object, the only way that you would not enjoy it, is if your body was not ready for penetration. 

Are Crystal Dildos safe?

A very legitimate question! Not all crystal yoni wands were created equally. Some stones should not be used internally, due to their mineral make up, porosity, or durability. 

At The Art Erotic we have a smaller range of crystal yoni wands, simply because we only sell crystals that are unquestionably body safe. When choosing a yoni egg or crystal wand, also ensure that you do your own research when picking a stone.


So, this is exactly what I would say to my girlfriends, or anyone for that matter, when they ask me about what crystal sex toys and yoni eggs have done for my sex life, or my self pleasure practice.

They have allowed me to connect deeper to my pleasure. I have more sensitivity and stronger orgasms.  I have increased vitality, a greater creative flow in all areas of my life, and I feel a deeper connection to my sensuality, and wellness. 







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