The Witch, the priestess, the healer

The Sage, the Shaman, The Mage. 

They all mean the same thing-

Yet there is one that sticks out as sounding sinister to our societally conditioned minds, because of a very old smear campaign.

It is hard to ignore the subjugation of the divine feminine within religious and spiritual theology.

Prior to the spread of Christianity there were many cultures and spiritual traditions- which held equal reverence for both the masculine and the feminine poles. 

But more recently- the divine feminine been subjugated,

This is where the word Witch comes in. 


Etymology of the word Witch

The root of the word witch actually means wise, skilled or powerful according to the old Scots- English.

Throughout time there have been many women healers; called Priestesses. 

Back when Pagan and indigenous practices populated the globe, many women were in healing roles,

It was common place to know a medicine woman who would heal, and work with herbs, natural elements, the cycles of nature, the lunar cycle and ritual. 

In the 16th century the Christian church wiped so many of them out, it was a mass holocaust of female spiritual practitioners.

Priestesses and female shamans were dubbed witches.

Healing and channelling universal love became consorting with the devil.

We fell into a spiritual slumber,

Now we are at a time of collective awakening. 

The rediscovery of our true divine nature.

In ancient yogic tradition it is known that the electro magnetic field of a woman is naturally higher than a man's. 

This means that a woman's power of healing, manifestation and magnetism is comparatively high, also.

A collective healing called the divine feminine awakening

The Hara is the sacral chakra, which both men and women have-
Yet women have the womb also.
"The womb, or hara is a powerful centre of feeling, intuition and creative life force, so if it is blocked our intuition and power are hindered."

When we are in touch with our power we can perceive energy and emotion more clearly-

Hence affect it.

This is the nature of energy healing,

The skill of communicating using emotional frequency.

"We magnetise, manifest and have influence over the greater field- based on  the magnetic or repelling quality of our emotion that we experience in the body."
 The likes of New York Times best selling author neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza is currently rewriting our understanding of the interconnected nature of things, by proving this phenomena. 

“The quantum field responds, and it does so in a way that we couldn’t predict”

In order to affect the quantum field for any collective good,

Which I would argue is the deeper calling for many of us right now,

It is necessary to anchor into an emotional frequency that is greater than us-

A Divine Love.

Ancestral healing at the level of the body

The body holds a lot of stored trauma, from this life, and your lineage.

It is important to clear the sacred channel of the body of old emotion, in order to become channels of higher frequencies.

The body is the channel of divine love.

When we clear the body of old pain and conditioning we experience a level of ancestral healing, across our ancestral timelines at the access point of the now.

In doing so we open up more clearly to the presence of God, Goddess and the guides of Light, and are able to channel these higher frequencies onto the planet.

The oppression and abuse of female sexuality has had a repercussive effect, and has created a lot of fear and tension within the female body- on a biological and chemio-physical level. 

There is a residual tension and stress in the yoni and womb.

This tension often hinders us from feeling pleasure in life, and in the bedroom- and it disconnects us from our sense of a juicy, alive and magickal existence.

Crystal sex toys and the healing, Tantric approach they encourage - in my experience is one of the fastest way to heal these sexual and energetic blocks within your body,

As well as deepen the body's capacity for pleasure, awaken your spirit, and start you on a journey of ancestral healing.



Our womb and our yoni is a great source of our energy and consciousness,

The kundalini snakes that originate from this area are the masculine and feminine poles of energy that exist in all living things.

The natural, dynamic ebb and flow of creation.

A scintillating, and synergistic life force which animates you- 

To awaken the snakes is to have your consciousness working with them.

When a woman heals the energetic blocks at the level of the body, through working with her sensuality and pleasure,

Her life enriches with vitality and her personal power increases.

The power to heal, and to hence create new realities through the prism of her consciousness.  

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