Sex Magick | Intentional Pleasure Pt 3

Sexual energy = Life force

This is the final of three blogs on Sex Magick and Intentional pleasure, written as an in depth explanation on the potency of working with our sexual energy in order to alter consciousness,

Please read them together for a more comprehensive understanding of this complex subject.

As outlined in blog 2, we know already of the benefit of directing your sexual energy for positive shifts in your life,

Because of the the potent way in which sex and pleasure affect the brain and consciousness.

Adam Saffron Phd sates in Medical News Today-


"The idea that sexual experiences can be like trance states is in some ways ancient.

Turns out this idea is supported by modern understandings of neuroscience.

In theory, this could change the way people view their sexuality.

Sex is a source of pleasurable sensations and emotional connection,

But beyond that, it’s actually an altered state of consciousness.”



Now we are going to look into how to direct that energy consciously, and circulate sexual energy using intention, visualisation and conscious breathing.

These practices expand awareness, bring vital energy, positively imprint the psyche, and simultaneously clear the body-mind of energy blocks and trauma. 

Better orgasms, deeper internal pleasure, as well as vitality and wellness are results of working together with chi and the somatic body,

Made possible through the process of resensitizing the yoni and womb with energy flow. 

Through working with our own energy consciously we accelerate healing, as we clear the body and psyche of emotional density; the heavier, slower moving emotions.

When we clear these blocks what naturally replaces them is the pure consciousness of life itself.

This is the premise upon which conscious pleasure and sex magick is a fast and effective way of altering your reality. 


The human body as the temple of God

Not only is our body and auric field a complex energetic system, we also are connected intricately through this divine map which is the physical, human body - to the unified field of all existence, to the planets and the solar system.

Everything is connected via energy, or emotion or consciousness- however you want to imagine it.

When we change and heal the emotion stored in the body, on a quantum level we communicate vibrationally with the unified field of existence.

We have the power to change timelines and frequencies "outside" of ourselves, through simply working with the energy within our own body and hands-

The key is intention and presence.

The more present you are with your energy- the more divinity embodied. 

Within ancient Eastern traditions its known that the three main energy channels of the body are- 

The main sushumna nadi that runs from the root to the crown, along the length of the spine,

And the masculine and feminine energy channels that wrap around the sushumna nadi and ascend upwards towards the crown and the sky. 

This idea is best represented by the ancient caduceus symbol, which the modern Western medical industry has adopted. 

The Caduceus

Many will be familiar with the Caduceus symbol, yet most are surprised to know that this symbol dates far back to ancient Mesopotamian civilisation.

Today the Caduceus is strongly linked with the practices of Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, as well as still being the well known emblem of the modern medical industry. 

This symbol is a basic representation of how energy is arranged within, and flows through the human physical form. 

So it is this premise upon which the practice of Sex magick, or intentional pleasure is based.


To increase our perception, activate higher energetic centres and positively alter our reality, we want to consciously circulate chi- sexual energy (pure consciousness) from the lower centres of the body,

From the loins, from the root chakra and the sacral, chakra; from the genitals, using the vehicles of energy that we have access to.

Of course, this process is sensed differently by everyone.

Dependent on your natural sensitivity to energies, as well as how many stagnant energy blocks you carry in the somatic self; the body.

The way you experience working with your own subtle energy within the body, could be vastly different to someone else- 

And that is ok. 


The breath as the spirit of life

The vehicles that move energy (chi), according ancient Eastern health modalities, are-



& Movement.


As outlined in the previous blog Sex Magick | Intentional pleasure Pt.2 - once we have begun with the cultivation of presence, in order to supercharge any intention that we may have,

We then begin to move the sexual energy, the pure consciousness of pleasure itself through focusing on the breath and purposefully breathing deeply,

Simply attuning to the breath and the subtle energy flow we can feel in the body, quickly begins to circulate the energy and pleasure through you, deeper into the body, the psyche and the awareness

Breathing more intentionally and deeply alone creates a feeling of amplified pleasure. 

Whilst we do this, if we place our minds inner focus on certain parts of the body, we begin to cultivate energy and sensation in that very area. 

This visualising and breathing in to the different parts of the body, as well as moving the body at the same time, "wakes up" these parts of self, and helps us to bring more chi, hence more sensation. 

On the flip side, working closely and intentionally with subtle energy in the body will bring an awareness of energy blocks, or heavy emotion stuck in the body- 

You may have emotional purges, or the recognition of some kind of emotional pain stored somewhere in the body that you were not aware was there before,

This is when sexuality is healing because this approach to working with our own sexual energy provides an access point to begin to start clearing blocks, because-

"Feeling is healing."


We can do practices such as these at any time, 

Whether we are engaged in pleasure, rest, or meditation- 

Remember there is no separation between the aspects of self. 

As we breathe intentionally we imagine, and visualise the ascent of our energy up towards the higher centres of self, 

By breathing deeply and by placing the inner focus of our minds eye on the higher centres, 

For example,

During meditation or masturbation, 

Try focusing on your heart chakra as you breathe deeply,

This brings the sexual energy, and the pleasure into that part of the body, bringing a more comprehensive and expansive experience. 

If you find this kind of energy work difficult, you can practice until it becomes easier to sense the subtle energy and pleasure moving inside you.


Where attention goes energy flows  

The above statement is golden truth for conceptualising an understanding of how sex magick works. 

It is a spiritual axiom; 

A core truth; that where attention goes,

Energy flows. 

Where we place our attention, within every day life,

Every aspect of life-

The very action of thinking about something, increases that reality- within our perceptions.

This is a core concept via which we receive the benefits of sex magick or intentional pleasure. 


Sensual pleasure felt in the body, as well as orgasm, are highly energetically supercharged states,

Sexual energy alters the neural wiring of the brain, hence shapes our reality- 

So intentional pleasure is when we harness that super charge of life force energy,

And consciously direct it towards our growth, healing, expansion and evolution.

Remember, the greater the level of presence- the more divinity embodied. 

One of my very favourite and simple practices which I believe I read about in Tom Kenyon's book- The Magdalene Manuscript: The alchemies of Horus and the Sex Magick of Isis 

Is an Ancient Egyptian practice to activate the third eye, the pineal gland in the brain- which is known as the seat of consciousness. 

Activating it quickly expands perception and awareness.

Simply focusing your gaze, at the point of orgasm between your brown points, where the third eye chakra sits, is enough to activate and wake up the pineal gland. 

Yogis do the same practice during quiet, seated meditation, without the orgasm-

In order to expand perception and awareness. 


Combine these yogic energy practices with the potency of your sexual energy and you have access to life changing potential.  

I often say that one of the biggest conspiracies of all time is the widespread access to free pornography,

It causes sex addiction and energetic blocks in the psyche, giving rise to energy impeding and sometimes very unhealthy fetishes and sexual disfunctional behaviours, impeding personal relating. 

Pornography keeps the collective mentality around sex and pleasure- our very power and essence at a base and carnal level.

Because whatever you hold in your mind at the point of orgasm is what gets the power of your Shakti energy. 



Imagine a world of walking demi Gods, where we were able to tap into our natural healing and transformational abilities, 

The powers that be, they know of the magnitude and weight of our sexual energy. 

How when we direct our life force and sexual energy consciously we are tapping in to perhaps our greatest power source.

The ancient Egyptians and many other civilisations knew of the life giving aspect of what pleasure does for us, for our consciousness and for our physiology. 

Pleasure is deeply nourishing to the soul.

The more we can clear the body of energy blocks and raise our vibration through the use of conscious pleasure, 

The more we embody our divine essence












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