How to self pleasure like a boss - Part 1. The Yoni-verse

The nature of the Yoni-verse

Ah Pleasure...that magical substance that we all want more of...

But what is pleasure? I would suggest that it is the essence of life itself. 

Pure vitality

Pure consciousness

Joy is our true nature

Yet, most of us carry layers of unhealed trauma and tension which impedes our ability to feel deep pleasure and reach deep states of joy,

Unhealed trauma can cause dissociation from the physical,

Which is the opposite of embodiment.

It prevents us from living in a way that is cohesive to our own energy,

Unhealed trauma impedes aligned living.

Impedes union between the different aspects of self.

Union is the name, and goal of a yogic life.

True, embodied bliss.

Union of self.  



When it comes to sex...

Statistics say that most women do not have internal orgasm through penetrative sex or self pleasure.

Since a young age I have had a strong knowing that this is inherently not the way nature intended.

Most women today reach orgasm, if at all- through clitoral stimulation,

Yet, we can rewire the body and the yoni for deeper G spot orgasms, and the coveted, consciousness altering cervical orgasms,

Which bring their own healing, wellness and vitality.

It is along this Tantric healing path, that we discover; there is a nature of existence that is in its essence - purity, light, vitality, pleasure and bliss.

On this Tantric path- we begin to glimpse the array of full potential ahead of us;

Full body orgasms, energy orgasms from breath and movement alone,

The ability to heal self and others using nothing but the channelling of frequency,

And living in walking states of bliss.

All of these things reside with the realms of what we are relearning here at The Art Erotic.

So, if you've found yourself on this site looking for tools and practices to open you up to deeper pleasure let me personally welcome you and say- you're in the right place.

Here at The Art Erotic, we are all about conscious, therapeutic yoni loving practices that combine spirituality, self awareness and sensuality- in order to deepen your connection to your own essence, heal layers of tension and open up a whole yoni-verse of pleasure and wellness inside of you...

For many years I wondered why I felt blocked in my pleasure,

I have a lot of ancestral trauma in regards to the wounded feminine, 

The benefits of the yoni egg practice, Tantric yoni massage, as well as my own dedicated self energy healing practice, has not only deepened my capacity for better orgasms,

I've also cleared layer upon layer of this ancestral trauma,

Cleared deep core tension that was ever present on a physical/ energetic level,

Rebalanced my hormones, and hugely boosted the functioning of my physiology.

Now at 38 I am one hundred percent healthier and happier than I have EVER BEEN.

I know myself, and I love myself infinitely better than I have done ALL my life,

I trust myself,

And best of all I HONOUR MYSELF, and my energetic needs and boundaries.

Something I never used to do.

Presence before pleasure

The last few years have seen an awakening in the minds and bodies of many Western women, concurrent with a certain merging of the realms of sexuality and spirituality, or mindfulness. 

It would seem that, from the deepest wells spring the clearest streams.

"Conscious sexuality" and "meditative masturbation" are terms that are circulating  many of our moon circles and cocao ceremonies.

Yes- Women of the 21st Century have begun meditating in the bedroom, changing their brain chemistry with practices like sex magick, and intentional pleasure ritual,

As well as healing, and deepening their connection to their own eros, their Shakti, their own sexual creative energy.

Most of us today learned how to have sex through exposure from a young age to pornography;

Something that is more of a simulated, characature world of sex and pleasure,

Vastly oppositional to the sensual, deep and emotional nature of the feminine.

What we have seen through pornographic media is a very fast, very salacious, goal- focused way of connecting; which is purely physical,

Not attuned to the flux of the moment,

Or the subtleties of the ever present, ever changing emotional / energetic self.

So, when we touch our selves in similar ways, from similar premises,

We wonder why we do not have the same responses as the ones we have seen modelled through the media and pornography-

It is because we are so much more layered,

More rich and complex.

The world of female sensuality is one to go into with eyes, senses and heart wide open; open to what one might find...

Watching, witnessing, and being both receptive and responsive to the fractals of pleasure and sensuality,

OR blocks and contraction, that inevitably always unfolds.

The key to a greater experience of self, is tuning in to whatever feelings are already there- not trying to incite certain ones.

So-  why do most women reach orgasm, if at all- through clitoral stimulation?

I would argue this to be because we have been conditioned by a mentality that does not see, nor support the feminine to be in her full expression,

The world hasn't thus far seemed to have time, or receptivity to go as deep as the feminine requires. 

Women do not feel safe to be seen, heard...and to let go in many ways...

And so our route to pleasure is a shallow one. 

I invite you into a realm of rediscovery,

Feel free to dip your toes in or watch from the shore.

There is no time limit.

No one is waiting for you to do anything.

So you can just exhale...

And surrender into the moment.

Tune in next week for Part 2 of this blog series - How to self pleasure like a boss - The Mind-Body dialogue

In the meantime you can browse our range of intentionally made Yoni Wands and Yoni Eggs to start you on your journey to reconnect you to your own essence in the HERE and NOW.


Aysha x


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