How to self pleasure like a boss Part 2 - Tuning into the Mind-Body dialogue

Reclaiming your Yoni

In this modern Western world many of us women from a young age were conditioned to be dissociated from, and ashamed of our bodies, our emotional natures, and our yoni.

Contrary to boys and men, who seem to have been socialised to carry an element of "penis pride"

Women have been taught to ignore their yoni,

Let's just think about this for a minute?

This power centre of yours, this source of creation, feeling, intuition, knowing and pleasure.

This part of you that is so core and deep and true to YOU, this part that communicates your innermost feelings and intuition with you, this part which knows you so well...

Many of us do not know her very well at all.

We actually fail to listen to her voice.

We often overlook and ignore the way she tries to communicate with us.

Let's think about an alternative for the modern woman in an awakening world...

Imagine if we were taught to know, to understand and to love this sacred part of ourselves? 

Imagine how empowered you would feel if you felt connected to, and honoured the communication from your yoni?

Connected to the power source between your legs...

This source of so much guidance, understanding and pleasure?

What if you honoured and reclaimed the one part of yourself that the whole world has tried to dominate, monopolise on, and disconnect you from for centuries.

At The Art Erotic we are all about the union of what is sensual and spiritual, with what is real, with what is magick, and what is core to your being.

I want all women to experience the same kind of liberation and reconnection with themselves that I have experienced through using the tantric self love practices and products that I share at The Art Erotic.

The yoni egg practice and Tantric yoni massage, meditation, and breath work and intentional pleasure are ways that connect you with the energetic and emotional truths held within your body, your yoni and your womb. 

When you do so, you harness your pleasure and your sexual energy as the sacred, enriching, life altering and healing tool that it is.

The essence is you, and you are the medicine...

I want all women to experience better orgasms and deeper pleasure,

I want all women to surrender deeper to unlock the pleasure of G spot orgasms, to de- armour their cervix,

And feel the rewiring of the communication between,  the restructuring of the consciousness of the heart and the cervix connection- the Chong mai in Eastern Tantra and Toaism. 

But at the core of it-

I want all women to experience the life changing energy healings, that the access and release of deep tension brings.

Reintegrating the emotional with the physical 

Our yoni and womb is the seat of our feeling, our sensuality, and hence our intuition.

Yet, we have been conditioned by a very masculine world to overlook the communication from our yoni,

To not recognise our own womb wisdom,

To ignore our feelings,

Our feminine intuition,

Your yoni will always tell you if someone or something is good for you, or not.

She will either feel warm, open and soft,

Or contracted and restrictive-

Always binary,

Always clear.

During sex if something doesn't feel good, if pleasure wanes, or worse still, if we experience pain- many of us continue, despite this.

You try a different position, a different angle, a different pressure, a different rhythm, usually with little effect for increasing sexual sensitivity. 

The key lies not in the masculine action of striving, of action, of looking outward,

But in the feminine action of stillness, of listening...

Your yoni and your womb are where the great majority of your sexual sensitivity, but also feeling, and thus your intuition originate from.

But society doesn't often welcome, nor create a feeling woman-

Feeling has no place in the productivity of society.

In fact many of us champion thinking over feeling. 

Many of us don't even trust our own feelings,

We think they are superfluous, and unnecessary to a productive, forward moving goal focused way of living (the way we do life is the way we do sex)

In our society, feelings have been placed on the same spectrum as hysteria.

'Emotional' has become a derogatory term,

We have become afraid of expressing ourselves and feeling our feelings as they move through us

But feelings have more reach over your reality than your thoughts, as they are felt and stored within the body.

Your body knows your feelings as true, even if your mind tries to override them.

The key is instead to stop, to slow, to listen.

Even if all you feel is nothing. 

The key is to be there with that, and to experience it for what it is...

Instead of ignoring it and searching for a different feeling, or for more pleasure,

What you will find is that the very act of being present to what is, creates space for more presence to unfold,

The moment ITSELF will become full of your awareness,

And so your awareness becomes heightened,

You arrive in the NOW

Stay there.


If you are with a partner you will have had a chat prior and both committed to being present, and holding space for one another when the other asks to slow or stop and breathe together. 

If you are alone you can take as much time and attention to the subtleties of your own awareness as you need. 

What you will find is that stopping and slowing down and breathing into the now moment can either bring uncomfortable or comfortable feelings, and sometimes neutrality, numbness or disconnect. 

It will serve you well to continue practicing breathing deeply and consciously releasing tension held in your body, wherever you are aware of it.

This act of tuning in to access, connect to and to let go of emotion- brings freedom and space to the body. 

It is normal to experience emotional purges, tears, conversations that need to be had, moments of recognition and understanding, painful reconciliations of self awareness, release of trauma. 

It is also common to experience a merging of emotional and physical releases.

Once these pass, and they have moved through your body and your awareness in waves,

They are replaced with fresh sensation, pure life force and an expansive sense of self. 

This is where the healing occurs- your body is immediately more sensate, sexual sensitivity and orgasmic capacity increases.

With this consistent Tantric, conscious approach to sexuality and connection you encourage a pattern of self awareness and growth.

Pleasure and connection becomes a sacred ritualistic tool which deepens your connection to your self, and your relationship, increases sexual sensitivity, and causes deep healing on many levels. 

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