Healing and expansion with crystal pleasure tools

Quantum entanglement and the energetics of the subtle body

When you prioritise pleasure, good healthy physical pleasure; you put yourself in a very high, open vibration which communicates to the universe that you are open to more good things. 

Modern science, in the field of quantum physics is now beginning to understand the interconnectivity of the unified field of awareness, and the vibrational nature of reality.

That we are feeling beings.

That the body holds, stores and picks up on the vibratory information of emotion,

This vibratory information of emotion, experienced through, and stored within the body- strongly influences and directs our experience, much more so than our thoughts.

This is how the subconscious drives many of our behaviours.

The stored experience lives in the body and informs who we become- how we act, how we feel and how we react and think. 

It's all imprinted patterns stored as emotional energy within the body. 

We have the experience, we have the emotion attached to the experience,

The body will store in the subconscious- the imprinted memory of that experience, and that attached emotion,

That stored emotion will drive us from the subconscious; dictating much of our reactions and behaviours,

It will do so until it is cleared from the body.

If you want to read up on similar ideas, that I have found inspiring, in my own journey, I point you to begin with the likes of of NY times best selling author, and neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton Phd, Candace Pert Phd and Dr Christiane Northrup, as starters. 


Awakening the womb 

Throughout the course of the last two thousand years, many of our womb centres have been shut down.

As a culture- we as women have minimal communication with the feelings and wisdom, that the womb can impart to us. 

Choosing to heal and activate our womb consciousness is life changing for women. 

The best ways to clear the build up of emotional energy, stress and tension from the body, from the yoni and from the womb-

Hence refining and elevating your frequency and your vibrational state,

Bolstering your personal power, your vitality-

As well as honing your bodily, feeling intuition- (as opposed to third eye, visionary intuition)

Is by using the alchemical portal of our awareness, combined with breath work and somatic work,

And by choosing subtle energy pleasure practices like the yoni egg practice

And slow, present pleasure using a crystal yoni wand-

All these approaches combined are healing practices, which cause fast and integral shifts on a deep energetic level. 



You see the real work towards creating and magnetising the life you desire...

The real work is energetic, and experienced through the portal of the body.

The thoughts map our life experience-

But the experience is comprised much more correctly- of visceral and emotional energy. 

Emotions and feelings carry a much greater weight, and yield a much greater impact on our reality than the comparatively small tremors of the mind. 

This is why healing and upgrading our embodied frequency, the experience felt within the body-

Is the most significant work we can do to magnetise good things towards us in life. 

The universe is awaiting your awakening...

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